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Texila American University, College of Medicine (TAU) is a private medical university in Guyana, South America. Guyana is a country where the Caribbean meets South America the only English-speaking country in South America and is known for its lush and thick rain forest.

Texila medical school in Guyana is one of the fastest-growing and well recognized medical college in Guyana and listed in one of the top Caribbean medical schools in the country.

The constantly evolving healthcare needs of the world can only be addressed by expert medical professionals with sound knowledge and competent skills in their fields. To meet this growing demand, Texila American University’s College of Medicine offers its medical degree programs in the Caribbean.

Program Details

The Pre Medical program is designed for highly motivated high school students who have decided to pursue a medical career, and others who do not have the necessary pre-requisite courses to be qualified for the M.D. program. The program college level science and other required courses that enables the student to accelerate his/her career plans by offering all medical pre-requisite courses in a span of three semesters in 18 months.

Students with undergraduate degrees can also take individual courses in this program to complete their basic requirements or improve their grades to qualify for the MD program.

Emphasis is given to those topics within each discipline which are of primary significance to a medical education. The key objectives of the Pre Med program is to:

  • Provide the students with the undergraduate level courses traditionally required for entry into North American medical schools.
  • Subjects provide a solid foundation in those scientific and social sciences disciplines required for successful completion of a rigorous medical curriculum.
  • Increase skills in writing, reading and critical and quantitative reasoning.

Clinical rotations can be pursued in affiliated hospitals in Guyana/USA/Philippines.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) program at Texila American University – College of Medicine (TAU-COM) is an undergraduate medical program.

The Doctor of Medicine program has the following:

  • Basic Sciences – 2 Years
  • Clinical Sciences – 2 Years

In the first two years, the basic medical sciences are taught in the context of their relevance to patient care. Later in the last two years of the program, clinical teaching builds upon and reinforces this strong scientific foundation

Texila American University has elaborate and extensive relationships with reputed hospitals that are spread across Guyana, the Philippines, and the United States. This is carried out in their last two years of the MD program so as to successfully complete their program in medicine. The affiliated hospitals provide the students with an atmosphere to practice and hone their clinical skills.

Our affiliated hospitals are:

Guyana – Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), Georgetown, Guyana. 

Philippines – Region 1 Medical Center, Dagupan, Philippines.

USA – Tuscan Medical Center, Tuscan, Arizona.

Student hostel for boys and girls which is spacious, air-conditioned, and well-furnished with all the comforts of being at home.

The accommodation is just walking distance away from the university campus and is secure, safe and highly comfortable.

Each room is equipped with modern conveniences like fridge, Wi-Fi, etc. to make the life of resident students easy and smooth-going.

Paid laundry can be availed within the hostel premises. Students can opt for their preferred two-sharing rooms.

Our students enjoy savoury and delicious dishes from the appetizing Indian and Guyanese cuisines.

EAT WELL, LIVE WELL: Life at the University is made comfortable by furnished hostel facilities, not to mention our healthy food and continental cuisines.

The hostel for the college student community also provides transport facilities by arranging buses for our residential students. At TAU, we offer one of the best student accommodations

Student life in Guyana at TAU enjoys the benefits of a balanced environment where recreation is as important as education. The college student life of TAU ensures that extracurricular activities, cultural events, sports, and community-building programs are highly endorsed and encouraged. The University rules are religiously followed by our students who count themselves responsible for the freedom provided. Besides quality medical education in Guyana, Texila American University provides you space where you can write the next chapter of your life the way you want to, imbibe what it takes to win in life, and grow holistically in a healthy and friendly environment.

At Texila American University, we believe that the students should thrive in all aspects and not just in the field of education, so the sports facilities in university is best at the region. That is why sports is given as much importance as regular learning.

Knowing the sports can keep the mind and body fit, our students are encouraged to play and sweat a little on a frequent basis so as to become doctors with wit and health.

Both indoor and outdoor sports facilities in university are best in the country are encouraged with the campus hosting its own recreation room for the students to relax after a long day. Games like cricket, volleyball and several other games are conducted frequently within the campus.

On the whole, a student is always occupied and entertained while receiving a quality education. Coming from a global setting, all cultures are treated and respected equally. Students are allowed to practice their traditions and cultures without boundaries on being abroad and feel very much at home. Texila endorses a culture cultivates sound reasoning, logical thinking, practical exposure and a healthy mind and body. This is in line with our goal to shape the finest doctors who are mentally sound, physically fit and socially responsible global citizens.

Daily life in Guyana revolves around family groups; notably, the matriarchal family among Afro-Guyanese contrasts with the patriarchal South Asian family. Daily dress normally does not differentiate one group from another. Guyana’s cuisine includes a perfect blend of South American, Asian, and Chinese dishes that make liberal use of fiery locally grown chilies and fresh tropical fruits and vegetables. A typical Guyanese dish is a pepperpot, a stew made of meat (contains usually beef, mutton, or pork), potatoes, and peppers laced with cassareep (a sauce concocted from cassava juice and spices).

For medical aspirants looking for a medical college in America

Texila American University is one of the finest choices!


Guyanese Government ensures that the people are provided with good healthcare in both the public and private sectors. The government-funded public healthcare system in Guyana is well distributed throughout the country and is available for foreigners and nationals. The Guyanese Ministry of Health ensures that quality, reliable public health organizations and medical health clinics are easily accessible and available for the majority of residents in Guyana and are constantly improving their healthcare system for the welfare of the people.

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