It’s a common dream to study MBBS in USA for Indians. However, the system to pursue medical study in USA is absolutely different than the one followed by most of the European (MBBS in Russia / MBBS in Ukraine etc.) and Asian countries (MBBS in China / MBBS in Nepal etc.). The first question that comes to the mind of the student is how to study MBBS in USA.
Let us understand the system clearly.
In order to get the direct admission in MBBS in USA, the student should have studied the Pre-Medical course leading to Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program before attempting to study further in medical colleges in USA. The medical education system is well defined by USMLE (The licensing authority of USA). Every year, more than 100,000 students from USA and international arena give MCAT – entrance exam for MBBS in USA exam to get the admission to top medical colleges in USA. There are more than 350 medical universities in USA funded by the US government which costs you lesser for the bachelor level MD program and just like India, it is highly competitive to get through MCAT. All the local students give this exam to get admission to the top medical schools in USA. However, just like India, all the local medical aspirants find t difficult to find their place in the best medical schools in USA. The private medical college fees in USA is extremely high just like in India so getting a MCAT score to get into the state medical universities is also the aim of every American appearing for MCAT.
STEP – 1
On completion of this B.S. degree, the students have to go through 4 years of Bachelor level program leading to M.D. degree. On completion of the first 2 years of this course (Basic Science stage), the students from various top medical schools in USA need to give another competitive exam namely USMLsE-1 and the student quality filtration begins at this stage. The next 2 years spent in the hospitals and is also called clinical rotation (In India, we call it expternship) to get the Bachelor degree. This MD degree, MBBS equivalent in USA is not equivalent to PG in India (Do not get confused with the nomenclature) and is also not sufficient for you to practice as a medical practitioner in USA from a top universities in USA! The student would give USMLE-2 (CK and CS) at this stage.
STEP – 2
On completion of the first 4 years program & USMLE 2, the students have to pursue PG level program (Also called as Residency) by working in a hospital for 3 to 6 years (On average it is 4 years except for surgical – MS degree) depending on the specialization chosen. Generally all the students from the top medical universities in USA pass this exam without much problem since it is not a competitive exam.
STEP – 3
Finally the students give licensing exam namely STEP – 3 to become eligible to work as a doctor or a medical practitioner in USA. This completes the program of MBBS degree in USA along with the PG level program.


Accordingly, the total MBBS course duration in USA is around 9 years assuming that you cleared all your exams in first shot.
Benefits of MBBS Admission in USA for Indian students
Though among all other options, USA looks to be the most expensive medical program. However, in reality the medical education in USA happens to be the best, optimum and the most economical program.
• Medical Council of India (MCI) permits students to get registered without MCI screening.
• The doctors earn US$ 3,500 during residency in USA (4 Years) making the total cost of the program as ZERO! Due to the Residency being paid, the overall fees for MBBS in USA are earned back at PG level.
• There are no capitation fees for PG while in India, it touches more than Rs. 2 Cr or other PG programs are not approved in India.
• The average salary of a licensed doctor in USA is more than US$ 200,000 per year in any of the hospitals.
• The MBBS duration in USA is matching with Indian program till PG level.
In USA in order to practice, you have to complete your board certified residency (Equivalent to PG in India) and just Bachelor level MBBS is not sufficient. Accordingly, if you just complete bachelor level, you would have to give the MCI screening test in India. However, no one returns back at Bachelor level since the reason to go to USA is PG.
*MCI Screening Test / FMGE Regulations.
Please read the last paragraph on this rules & regulation on MCI website.
Since the Indian students opting to study MBBS admission in USA do not appear for MCAT (since they have not completed their B.S), they need to do their first 3 years including Pre-Medical and Basic Science program at GUYANA at medical universities USA (approved by USMLE and from there onwards, they move to mainland of USA under study visa to conduct the clinical rotation at the top hospitals affiliated with the University. At the various universities present on these islands the programs required for MBBS in USA for indian students is conducted. The student is prepared for MCQ based USMLE-1 during this 3 years program and the board conducts exam for them at the end of their first 3 years. This is the main competitive exam for the students. Generally Indian students are able to crack this due to their educational skills gathered in India. During this 3 year programs, there are special MBBS scholarship in USA.
The next 2 years to complete the MBBS course in USA are Clinical rotation within the mainland of USA such as Chicago in a hospital. At the end of the clinical rotation, the students need to give USMLE 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge – written exam) and 2CS (Clinical Skills – Oral) and they proceed to the Residency at an ACGME approved hospital.
During Residency (PG Level) You start earning around US$ 3,500 as stipend for the next 4 years which takes care of all your living cost + gives back the money that you spent during the Bachelor program. This is the best part of doing Medical program in USA. The total duration of MBBS in USA is thus around 9 years up to PG level, just like in India to takes 8.5 years.
Many students feel that the cost of studying MBBS in USA is very high. However, the reality is your net cost of MBBS in USA to study MEDICAL up to PG is ZERO though initial cost is higher compared to other countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine etc! Since the cost to study in Indian private colleges is very high, it has become more favourable to study MBBS in USA for Indian students.
Indian students have many options to go through this route to enter USA after 3 years at Caribbean Islands to several MBBS USA universities. However, proper selection based on accreditations, approvals and hospital affiliations of the university within USA is must else huge amount is at stake. It is not only about MBBS fees in USA.
There are many medical colleges in USA for Indian students offered at Caribbean Islands but few universities claim to have accreditations such as CAAM-HP (A very important aspect) but countable universities have this kind of approvals. Listing on FAIMER, Approval by USMLE and list of hospitals in collaboration with the University for conducting the clinical rotation is the most important thing to be considered. So do not just go by the cost of study – go technically sound and for the most value for money university.
GCS ABROAD would help you select the right one and help you compare all the universities for your admission to MBBS in USA programs.
For MBBS in USA, it is not only the USMLE approved and listed college degree which is important but also the exams conducted by the USMLE which decides the successful roadmap of the student.

Exam Objective When to give Year
USMLE-1 Competitive Exam 2nd year of Basic Science 2rd
USMLE-2CK / CS Qualifying Exam 2nd year of Clinical Rotation 4th
USMLE – 3 Licensing Exam During Residency Depending on the program

At the first step of USMLE-1 – the minimum passing marks are 192 while the average score for around 65,000 students in 2014 was 229. Generally, the students scoring above 250 marks easily make it to the residency in USA. You can give the exam again in order to improve your score and GCS ABROAD can place you as a teacher in the same university or other islands after completion of bachelor to ensure your entry to the Residency program later. The average salary for the teacher is also no less than Rs. 18 Lac per annum which is fare better than the average income of a fresh doctor in India.
The number of students appearing for USMLE-1 is around 65,000 compared to the residency seats of 35,000. Accordingly, the chances of getting through the residency are more than 50%. In short, on average, every student makes it to the residency in the second attempt at the most.
Just compare this with the number of doctors passing every year in India to be around 35,000 in compared to the PG Medical seats across the country in government colleges are only 1,200. The chances of getting through PG medical seat in India are lesser than 3%.
Most of the students have this question at the end of the counseling session – what is the MBBS in USA fee structure?
The MBBS in USA fees for Indian students are at par with Indian private colleges! That to without any donation! The best MBBS colleges in USA cost as less as Rs. 44 Lacs for the entire 5 year program at Bachelor level while they get back the whole amount spent during their PG level residency!